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2010 wasn’t bad really

So what’s up with everyone on the “Facecrack” hating on 2010?  What was really bad about it?  Sure the economy sucked and Dio died, but all in all if your still with us you’ve survived another year.  I’ve been amazed at how doom and gloom the media has been this year as if I should have expected the second coming by the end of the fiscal year.  Has it been rough for many unemployed this year?  You bet your ass it has, but we’re all still here aren’t we.  Let’s try something this year people, let’s try being more positive in 2011!  Look I’ve been caught up in it this past year too, I’ve had my share of down days, hell I’d even wager to say that I’ve made my life miserable at times by my own hand but through it all I feel like I’ve come out pretty bad ass.  As John Stewart said this year despite all of the political bull that goes on in Washington we still all go on living our lives, that’s what is so great about our country we can have different opinions and it doesn’t end in a over through of the government.   I want to thank all of those service men and woman out there doing their duty for all of us, I may not agree with war but I respect all of you with everything I got.

Little recap on the year for me.  The start of the year was located in Richland, Washington during some damn cold weather.  My wife and I got to experience a frozen Yakima River and we got to pour beer in snowy Ellensberg.  I was finally hitting my stride as a brewer and feeling pretty comfortable with it all.  My wife was making great friends at her work and despite not being too fond of the Tri-Cities we were doing really well.  Spring came and so did camping in Joseph, Oregon and frequent trips to Pendleton to visit our favorite coffee shop The Great Pacific.  Summer was hot in the brewery and I probably lost a good 5-10 pounds because of it.  I got to experience the Pendleton Roundup for the first time and loved it, Hells Canyon was sort of a disappointment but the driving on long bumpy Forest Service roads in the Volvo station wagon was a blast.  Still having an itch to move back to Oregon I encouraged my wife to apply for jobs close to Salem and she promptly received and offer which she took.  Now we’re back in Oregon I’m unemployed living in a trailer located in a horse pasture two weeks from closing on a new house.  So what’s up for the new year?  Rumor has it I’ll be working a new job and working on our first house, things are looking good.

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