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Long Pause

Sorry to all for not posting for some time.  In the past couple of months my wife got a job back in Oregon, we made the move back to Oregon, and I became unemployed once again.    It’s been a really crazy month for me and my wife.

One of our goals when we moved back to the Valley was to finally take the plunge and by our first house, we have rented for a long time and as of late I have felt like we have been wasting our money on rent.  Rent in Washington was $1200.00 a month and with interests rates low, a good sized down payment, and bottoming out home prices we can easily come out way lower than that with mortgage, taxes, and home owners insurance.  Before you all start saying don’t buy don’t buy I know the challenges we are up against, I know someone wont just come fix things when something breaks, I know the debt involved.  Say what you will but for us I have been backwards and forwards on the numbers the risks and the benefits and I can say that it makes good sense for us to enter the home market.    I’ve remodeled homes, built homes, and fixed and replaced multitudes of things this allows us to purchase a livable fixer keeping our price $160k and lower.  My wife and I really like older homes so most of what we have looked at is 1950’s and older near downtown.  We did get first time home buyers jitters and backed out of our first home offer but I think we have a more clear idea of what we want now and how to get it.  Living in a trailer at my in-laws house is a driving factor as it feels cramped but I try to tell my wife and myself that we need to take this slow and make a decision that makes the most sense for us.

As far as my working career goes I really haven’t had much time to dive into it, I’m not lazy I’ve just had a lot to do and have had a lack of motivation which stems from a confusion of present self and future self.  I love brewing and it pulls at me all the time, I really do miss it even though I’ve only been without the sweet smell of mashing grains for no more than a month.  I have even talked to a local brewery but they didn’t seem too keen on needing the help right now and I’m not sure I want to work for them currently.  I told myself that I would either start something myself when we moved or at the very least be choosy about who I worked for.  Trouble is I don’t have a permanent location, money, or an abundance of breweries in the Salem area.  Working for a winery has crossed my mind as well and I think I’d be perfectly fine with that but beer is still my greatest interest.  By the way speaking of beer, Capital Market my god I never knew, very impressive beer selection.  So much for opening up a beer tasting room and store in Salem.  I spend a lot of time at the Beanery looking at houses and trying to figure out my life currently.  On the bright side I’ve fixed up an old bike to ride around town.  If anyone has any suggestions of people to talk to in the beer/wine/cider industry around here about jobs or possibly ventures I’m all ears.

It’s good to be back home!


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  1. Keep at it! New beginnings are tough. We’re currently pursuing first-time home buying in Salem and are experiencing the same jitters. Yikes! Brave of you to post about it. I did that and got like 23 apocalyptic comments. Good luck to you!

    • I was thinking I might get the same comments, so far so good. I still have a little bit a remorse from backing out of the one offer we made but no one ever said buying a house was going to be easy.

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