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Prodigal Son Brewing

Last weekend my wife and I popped down to northeast Oregon to go camping. On our way down and on our way back we stopped a new kids on the block Prodigal Son Brewing in Pendleton Oregon.  I’ve been following these guys on Facebook for some time impatiently waiting for them to open.  It’s nice to have another brewery within an hour of Ice Harbor as there really isn’t much of a brewing community over here.  I spoke to the brewer Brian about his equipment, beer, and his new business venture.  So far he said that the community has been very supportive of the brewery to the point of drinking 10bbl of Hef in just one week.  Brain worked for Rogue for two years and then decided to go back to his home town and open a brewery, his experience at Rogue shows in his beer and I was delightfully surprised at how well crafted his Porter was and how he put thought into making a English style IPA rather than a big hoppy NW IPA.

On the way back  from camping we stopped for food and beer this time.  I had the Ploughman’s plate and my wife had the hamburger.  Both where very good and I could tell that the owners really thought about the menu.  The atmosphere is great and Prodigal Son even has a private hangout room and a kids room.  It also looks like they are trying very hard to use local ingredients which is always a big plus in my book.  Brian is doing a great job on the beer, I could drink the hell out of his porter.  I wish them the best of luck, I can see this brewery being a very successful venture.  I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit.  If you make it out to Pendleton I totally recommend Prodigal Son Brewing.


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  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for more information on Prodigal Son Brewery. I live in Portland and run a blog called Portland Beer and Music. I spend several weeks a year working in Hermiston. The only thing that gets me through those weeks are trips to the surrounding breweries including Ice Harbor and Snipes Mountain. I am headed out there next week and I am excited to try Prodigal Son.

    I will definitely be coming by Ice Harbor at least a couple of times. Let me know when you will be in during the evening or on the weekend and I will try to stop in and say hello.

    • I’m not usually around in the evenings or the weekends but if you stop by you can always pop in the brewery and see if I’m there.

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