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Creating the perfect pizza

Well the name of the post says it all I guess, I’m starting to think about possible food options for my future brew pub these days and pizza keeps popping back into my mind because if done well it can be really good and well it goes well with beer.  Trouble is with pizza is that lots of people are doing it and if you don’t do something that puts you above all of those run of the mill pizza joints you might as well just go home.  Pretty much the gold standard in pizza for my wife and I is American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, OR.  It’s not like any other pizza I have had before, I think the problem that most pizza places are plagued with is that they just do the run of the mill standard toppings and run of the mill crusts.  American Dream doesn’t do that, they have lots of high quality toppings like Jamaican jerk chicken and sun dried tomatoes and a hand tossed crust with a garlic butter brushed crust.  Sometimes I get a tear in my eye knowing that I am 5 hours from my favorite pizza, but life goes on.

Today I decided to make pizza again using the crust recipe I usually use, this time I let the dough raise a second time after I rolled it out to get some bubbles in the crust.  For toppings I did one side pesto, sun dried tomatoes, feta, chicken, and artichokes hearts, for the other half I did bbq chicken, red peppers, marinara, mozzarella, and mushrooms.  The toppings where perfect, I’m thinking that they could pass for American Dream quality.  The crust needs some work it’s still a little too bready and really I need a pizza oven so I can get the results I really need.

I’m not dead set on doing pizza at our brewpub I just think it could be an easy way to make good food so I’m keeping it an option, I’d also like to do really good salads too like American Dream if we went the pizza option.  I think it would be cool to make a big clay and stone oven if we go the pizza route.  All I know is that I refuse to have a deep fat fryer, they make your workers feel terrible and they are a pain in the ass.


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